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What is Hydro-Seeding?

Lawn care

It is a process of mixing seed, fertilizer and fiber-mulch with water in correct proportions inside a tank and then spraying the homogeneous slurry onto designated lawn areas.

What are the benefit of Hydro-seeding?

1. Seeding germinates faster.

2. Higher percentage of seed germinates.

3. Higher grass plant survival.

4. Greatly reduced soil erosion.

5. Uniform distribution of seed, fertilizer and mulch.

6. Seed mixes are tailored to the site, depending on sun exposure and planned usage of the lawn.

7. A fuller, more plush lawn develops.

8. Less than HALF THE COST OF SOD.

Why Hydro-Seeding is different…

Germination: Putting the seed, fertilizer and mulch into solution means the seed will be encapsulated within water-retaining mulch as it is applied.  Since seeding requires moisture and warmth to germinate, this process gives the seed a “jump start” in the growth cycle.

Chemistry: The fertilizer (and lime or sulphur if needed) placed in solution, quickly adjusts the existing soil chemistry to provide for sturdy grass plant growth. Your new grass sinks roots into chemically balanced soil, thereby enjoying a growing stimulus when it needs it most.